Created Games

Games created by members of the Immersivists Club:

Here Comes a Candle by Laura Wood

A resistance group against a totalitarian dictatorship have until dawn, one hour, to decide which of their members will die. A story about love and duty.

Original version for 4 players:

Link to 10 player version coming soon

Living Embers by Patrik Balint, David Owen, Karolina Soltys and Laura Wood

A dysfunctional family and a choice: keep the family together at all costs, or choose yourself and your freedom? Exploring how toxic systems become normalised and the normal can become toxic, Living Embers uses temporal distortions and surreal occurrences to emphasise each character’s choice as they are drawn towards the inevitable conclusion.

The house will burn. Who will burn with it?

Living Embers blurs the lines between real and the surreal, and emphasises how difficult it is to reconcile the different ways the characters perceive the family dynamics.

As the different worlds collide more of the house’s present, past and future is revealed.

Link coming soon

Arsenic and Lies by Karolina Soltys

Arsenic and Lies is an Agatha Christie/Downton Abbey style larp set in a country manor in 1919. Rather than being a classical whodunnit, it focuses on the emotions, relationships and secrets of the characters involved. The characters and relationships between them are created in the pre-game workshop, which makes the game replayable. An ordinary dinner party until a killer strikes, secretly poisoning a victim of their choice, who then dies while raising a toast as the clock strikes midnight. Before the police (and with them scandal) arrive, a detective reveals their identity and conducts a denouement – will they find the real killer?

But does the murder even matter in the scheme of things? How important is it compared to covering up your clandestine affairs, extracting revenge on people who let you down during the War, arranging marriages of convenience or saving their your beloved sisters from going to jail?

Link to store coming soon

Welcome to Hard Times by David Owen and Karolina Soltys

Welcome to Hard Times is a Nordic-style larp based on the novel of the same name by E.L. Doctorow. It is a tale of human resilience and frailty, and the impossible dream of permanence. In their doomed struggle to create a permanent home the characters grow increasingly entwined. The story is told using various techniques: narration, naturalistic scenes, non-verbal physical play. Symbolic props will allow the players to tangibly participate in the cycle of creation and destruction of a small Midwestern town.